Medical Insurance @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Medical Insurance

It is compulsory for all international students to purchase a medical insurance, to be renewed yearly during their stay at Limkokwing. Student visas will not be extended unless medical insurance are purchased and tuition fees are paid.


All international students must undergo a medical examination in their respective countries before leaving for Malaysia.

Student healthcare programme

  • Medical insurance for overseas students is covered under a student healthcare programme at a premium payment of RM413.40 per year. Details of the policy are as attached.
  • Students are required to fill in a medical form, essentially for our reference in case of emergency. The information will be kept strictly confidential together with your admission form in Registry Department.
  • The healthcare programme coverage includes hospitalization/ inpatient treatment, outpatient and personal accident benefits, with the provision of a personal Medicard for cashless transaction facilities. A detailed healthcare plan is available at the International Services Office.
  • There are certain pre-conditions of treatment not covered by the Healthcare Purpose such as AIDS, specialist outpatient visits, dental and etc. For more information kindly speak to our International Services Officers. International

International Medicare Group (IMG) student insurance scheme

Hospitalization procedure
  • Student referred by GP clinic for hospital admission. Call IMG hotline to facilitate hospital admission.
  • At the hospital, student produces Member ID Card and Passport for verification. Preliminary check against policy exclusions by IMG Assist. Approval and guarantee letter given.
  • Student to fill hospital admission form. Student admitted and treatment given.
  • Student’s treatment is monitored by IMG.
  • Student discharged from hospital. No payment necessary (except excluded items not in the policy or excess of benefits.
  • Bills submitted to IMG for payment.
Outpatient GP visit procedure
  • Student seeks treatment at panel GP clinic.
  • At the clinic, student produces IMG Membership ID for verification. Student fills the clinic Claim Form.
  • Student collects medication. (Pays for items excluded in the plan).
Outpatient clinic visit
  • Students are ONLY allowed to visit the IMG panel clinics.
  • Specialist outpatient visit is allowing 2 visits per year under this plan.
  • Services excluded under these plans included vitamin and food supplements, cosmetics, vaccination, herbs, house calls, blood profiles and screening, immunization and long term illness drugs.
  • Students will be required to follow the outpatient clinic visit procedure.


Lost card will be replaced for a processing fee of RM10.00.

Please telephone IMG at 03-42706188 or fax 03-42701055 immediately for replacement.

The membership card is not transferable.

Call IMG 24 hours assist no: 603-42706188 for hospital admission.

Details of the essential information of AIG student insurance scheme please visit or International Services Office.

AXA student insurance is for Botswana student. Detailed information is available at International Service Office.

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