Immigration Information @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Immigration Information

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, London Campus has received Highly Trusted Sponsor status from the UK Border Agency under Tier (4) Point Based System.

Immigration Policies

Information about Tier – 4 General Student Visa

  • You must be 18 years or over to come to study at LUCT London on a Tier-4 General Student visa.
  • This visa allows you to come to United Kingdom to study your preferred course as a Tier-4 General Student.
  • The student visa allows you to extend or renew your visa in UK, when your current visa expires. However, you must meet the specified requirements to do so and maintain your visa status as a Tier-4 Student at all times.
  • To apply for your student visa in Malaysia, you should submit your visa application at the VFS centre in Malaysia, which is a contract partner of the UK Border agency.

Consult with British High Commission

Information provided above for visas are general information purpose only and provided as guidelines for your application. For up to date information about visa please log on to Official UK Border Agency or contact to your nearest British High Commission or Visa application Centre.

Application documents

  • Complete Tier -4 General Student application form. (Policy Guidance)
  • Applicable visa fee i.e. RM 1122. Please refer this web site for up to date fee.
  • Original passport or valid travel document.
  • 2 valid photos. (photo guidelines)
  • To get a student visa you must obtain a Confirmation Acceptance of Studies (CAS) from a Tier 4 Trusted sponsor through the UKBA Points Based System. Each CAS is worth 40 points in total. These 40 points are divided into two parts. UKBA provide 30 points for attributes and 10 points for maintenance requirement. For more information please refer here.
  • To get 30 points for attributes, you must submit a CAS letter provided to you by LUCT along with the copy and original documents submitted to obtain the CAS. This documentation could be evidence of original academic qualifications, work experience and an English Language Qualification approved by the UK if you are from a non-majority English speaking nation.
  • To get 10 points for maintenance you must prove to the UKBA you can support yourself whilst living in the UK. As our London campus is based within an inner borough of London, students are required to show £9000.00 (£1000 a month for 9 months) in either a bank statement or a letter from the bank. The £9000.00 must be held/maintained in your bank account for a minimum of 28 days prior to making an application to UKBA, never dropping below £9000.00 at any point in the 28 day period. If you drop even £1.00 below the £9000.00 this would not be acceptable for a visa application. The bank statement or date of the letter must not exceed more than month of the visa being approved. Also you must be able to have access to the funds and withdraw money at any time. If you are using your parents account to show funds you will need to submit your birth certificate showing your parents name along with yours. They will need to provide a letter confirming their relationship with you as well as their permission that you can use the funds and that you have full access to them.

Evidence of your money

If you have not paid your tuition fees in full for any reason, this will be reflected on the CAS stating the amount of money that you owe. This means you will also need to show your maintenance funds + tuition fees owed to show that you can support yourself as well as pay for your tuition fees throughout the rest of the year. For example if your Degree Year 1 costs £6000.00 and you have paid £4500, you owe in tuitions fees of £1500.00. In order to score the 10 points required for maintenance funds you will need to show £9000.00 + £1500.00 owed in tuition fees. More information about acceptable documents for evidence of money.

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