Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Carlos Enrique Rey Romero

Carlos Enrique Rey Romero

Marvelous Sound Designer , 2017
Professional Diploma in Sound & Music Design

"Play music, practice, be curious, read, play video games, research, study, get into the local scene, travel, anything goes!"

28 February 2017

Carlos Enrique Rey Romero: Marvelous Sound Designer

Venezuelan born Carlos Rey works as a sound designer and music composer at the Centre for Content Creation Sdn. Bhd.

He mainly works on video game projects and producing sound design for other linear media related products such as animation campaigns, corporate trailers, advertisements, etc.

Growing up Carlos had a fervent interest for science and art. He obtained a high school diploma in science and did a degree in Industrial Engineering.

However, Carlos took a different career path because he was also keen on music. “Music and entertainment have been my constant source of curiosity for as long as I can remember, and eventually the fields of audio and recording arts began to be a whole part of it.”

Carlos then joined Limkokwing University and graduated with a Diploma in Sound and Music Design in 2014. He said it was after graduation that he found out about the Centre for Content Creation. “At that time the company was working on a video game project and they needed an internal audio engineer that was when I joined.”

“Working and studying here has given me a solid base in shaping my sound and music career. I’d say the most valuable was the chance to work with other students, local and international, in the creation of music and sonic ideas, either in the classroom, studio, or performing at the university-held festivals and stages.”

Currently, Carlos is working on several projects on which he makes music composition, sound effects design and implementation. “I’ve also been audio supporting the CCID animated projects, which consist of educational awareness of scam related matters.”

Carlos mentioned that Limkokwing University unlocked a lot of opportunities for him. “Besides giving me a direct link to the company I’m currently working in, being mixed with other international students has helped me overall to polish my ways of communicating and being objective while sharing thoughts and ideas.”

When asked about his definition of success Carlos said, “Materialise your ideas and projects, make things happen with dedication and keep moving forward for the next bite. Failure is when you settle for the least and work without a vision.”

“Play music, practice, be curious, read, play video games, research, study, get into the local scene, travel, anything goes!”

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