Digital Discoveries with T-Systems Malaysia

15 June 2017

Digital Discoveries with T-Systems Malaysia

Representatives from T-Systems Malaysia came to Limkokwing University on 9 June 2017 to give students a talk on trends and opportunities in the Information Communication Technology field.

T-Systems’ Head of Dynamic Platform Services Mr. Senthil Perumal and Head of Applications SAP Technology Mr. Zaki Shuhaimi also explored topics on systems application and product technology as well as cloud computing.

Also from the company were Head of PQIT Strategy & Communications Sandeep Singh, HR and Marketing Consultant Kamini Nadaraja, DPS Transition Manager Thinagaran Arna-salam and DPS Project Delivery Manager Raghu Naga Sai Gadepalli.

Over 700 students from the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Faculty of Business Management and the Faculty of Multimedia attended had the chance to engage in a Question and Answer session with T-Systems professionals to better understand ICT industry standards.

Nigerian Collins Ogochukwu Adingwe studying Bachelor of Information Technology mentioned that the industry talk was informative and an important factor in students’ learning process.

“I learned about cloud computing in a broader spectrum. As an IT student, cloud computing is an area to invest in, because as technology advances more IT professionals look for newer ways to protect data.”

He also mentioned that he learned how developing economies can integrate into cloud computing. “There is no link between the developed and developing countries in terms of technology advancement. Developed countries are already advanced in information technologies, so it is important to learn how developing countries can advance,” Adingwe concluded.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Cloud Computing Technology student from Iraq Anas Ali Jameel believes that cloud computing will play a big part in how people live in the future.

“Industry talks such as today’s are vital in our learning process because they give us real life situations about how the industry works. We get to learn the practical side of what we are taught in classrooms,” Anas added.

For Iniobong Etok from Nigeria what most interested her and what she learned from the talk is the fact that even in Information Technology the attitude of an employee matters. “This talk not only covered certain aspects of being successful in the IT industry but it covered soft skills one needs to have. You can have all the talent and knowledge, but without the right attitude you cannot succeed,” said Iniobong Etok.

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