Nomvuselelo Vuyiswa Msibi from Swaziland

4 August 2016

Nomvuselelo Vuyiswa Msibi from Swaziland

Nomvuselelo first enrolled for the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Multimedia programme at Limkokwing University but later changed to Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Event Management.

She acknowledged that she wants a highly interactive career because she is a social person and enjoys working with people from various backgrounds. The multicultural environment at Limkokwing University is a bonus to her as it continuously gives her a deeper insight on different nationalities.

Choosing a Public Relations Career

“I come from a family of intelligent individuals with very strong academic backgrounds. I have siblings that are doctors, engineers, politicians and soldiers. Of course, no one ever thought that I would pursue a Public Relations career. I want to be an Event Manager and Public Relations person because I love putting smiles in people’s faces—creating their dreams and making them come to life.”

Studying at Limkokwing University

“I can state this clearly: Limkokwing University helped me to become the person I am now. If I hadn’t studied at Limkokwing, I wouldn’t have such features of character (like) determination, self-confidence, purposefulness and commitment that the University has equipped me with.”

“Lecturers challenged us with enormous tasks, because the University curriculum directly reflects trends in the industry. I am so glad because I graduated with the whole package and confident that when I get back home, I would be able to contribute positively to the economy of my country. I aspire to be the spokesperson for young people and share the knowledge I have learnt from Limkokwing University.”

Life Changing Opportunities

“With the help of the World’s Most Globalised University, I was able to share more about my country through so many events that the University has hosted especially the annual cultural festival. I remember when His Majesty King Mswati III came to receive his doctorate, I got a chance to speak to him, which is a rare opportunity. I have also worked with his daughter who was here to do her internship.”

“I feel very privileged to have met such high profile people. Through all these events, the Kingdom of Swaziland was put in the limelight and we are (now) known for our magnificent and beautiful monarchy.”

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