Guli-Guli Limkokwing’s One Malaysia @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Nearly 30 years ago, Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lim Kok Wing crafted commentary cartoon strips that were as incisive as it was perceptive of the issues and the spirit that moved Malaysian then — and the present.

He played the role of questioning fellow citizens, helping the authorities see the view of the average Malaysian and gently highlighting the hilarious quirks and heartwarming traits of the Malaysian character. In our more reflective moments, we might even admit to ourselves, “Yes, I’m like that — sometimes, lah.”

Tan Sri Lim skillfully used humour to point out Malaysian foibles and eccentricities while advocating in his narrative a goodwill message to build cohesion among the races and promote acceptance of our multicultural diversity.

His cartoon characters are often depicted in disagreement with each other but never in disharmony, never disavowing the bonds that bind them as one people.

From the springboard of current issues, Limkokwing examines the effect government, the public and friends often have on the individual. He plays the role of questioning fellow citizens, helping the authorities see the view of the Malaysian man-on-the-street and gently highlighting the Malaysian faces of the Malaysian character.

Although it made its debut in the Malaysian national daily, New Sunday Times, in 1981, the social commentary carried in these cartoons are evergreen and still hold true today. His intentions at that time was to present the average Malaysian’s view of current issues to the authorities using humour to soften the edges of his comments. He was successful and Guli-Guli, to this day is remembered for its unique representation of Malaysia’s ethic eccentricities.

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