From Immigrant Student to CEO: An Insight into International Education with Shouyi Ma, CEO of Hanson Canada @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

From Immigrant Student to CEO: An Insight into International Education with Shouyi Ma, CEO of Hanson Canada

11 July 2023

  • From Immigrant Student to CEO: An Insight into International Education with Shouyi Ma, CEO of Hanson Canada
  • From Immigrant Student to CEO: An Insight into International Education with Shouyi Ma, CEO of Hanson Canada
  • From Immigrant Student to CEO: An Insight into International Education with Shouyi Ma, CEO of Hanson Canada

International education is often likened to a transformative journey, as rich and diverse as the tapestry of global cultures it brings together. Shouyi Ma, the President and CEO of Hanson Canada, offers an eloquent testimony of this transformation, drawing on his experiences as an immigrant student in Canada.

“My journey was purely driven by curiosity,” Ma reflects, recalling his early days as a young, eager learner. This thirst for learning, free of preconceived notions or concrete plans, became the cornerstone of his self-discovery. These formative years profoundly shaped Ma’s vision for Hanson Canada, a leading institution that delivers high-quality education to international students.

Stepping into Canada as an international student brings its unique challenges, from bracing the cold and understanding quintessentially Canadian sports, to the steeper slopes of language acquisition and cultural adjustment. Ma emphasises the necessity of an open mindset to adapt to the cultural differences between the East and West. “The Asian culture is very different from the Western culture,” he says, highlighting the significance of this cultural bridge that continues to be built despite the gap narrowing over the years.

However, within these challenges, Ma believes there are extraordinary opportunities. “Life is a journey,” he muses, encouraging students to see success not as a destination, but as a process. He eloquently summarises, “If you love life, life loves back,” suggesting a correlation between our personal fulfilment and how we engage with life.

In Ma’s view, Canada presents an enticing proposition for international students. A culturally diverse and democratic society, Canada rewards hard work with vast social and economic mobility. He argues that education should be seen as an end and the start of a broader journey. “Post-education, the number of options that you have in Canada… provides one of the strongest value propositions to international students in the world,” he contends.

Turning his focus to future leaders, Ma offers a nugget of wisdom from both Eastern and Western philosophies. He recommends ‘Shoe Dog’ by Nike founder Phil Knight, emphasising the importance of seeking a purposeful calling. “Always seek a calling. Because when you have that calling, everything is meaningful,” he echoes Knight’s words. From Eastern wisdom, he advises students to seek a mentor and a good friend, asserting that “we all need help once in a while.”

On comparing Hanson Canada and Limkokwing University, Ma sees a shared mission - to create a positive impact on students’ lives. Both institutions recognise the student journey as fundamental to their ethos, constructing an inclusive and dynamic learning community around this concept.

Ma believes collaborations between institutions like Hanson Canada and Limkokwing University can enhance the learning experience. Such partnerships can provide students with additional perspectives and academic opportunities, widening their horizons.

Regarding Limkokwing University’s value proposition, Ma has profound insights. The university’s vision, symbolised by the partnership of Limkokwing University founder Tan Sri Limkokwing with Nelson Mandela, represents a compelling commitment to global impact. “How many universities can say that they have made an impact in the world?” Ma asks, underscoring the university’s unique positioning. This commitment to social change and the global perspective ingrained in the university’s curriculum is the essence of Limkokwing University’s value proposition, and according to Ma, this makes it an inspiring choice for the leaders of tomorrow.

Limkokwing University has been offering innovative and transformative education since its inception, providing its students a diverse and international learning environment. As a university that dares to be different, it transcends the traditional confines of academia, cultivating not just knowledge, but creativity, cultural understanding and leadership. It is in this unique academic landscape that the university shines. From the words of Shouyi Ma himself, a university’s true value proposition lies not just in the quality of its education, but in its ability to inspire its students to make a difference.

Despite being geographically apart, Limkokwing University and Hanson Canada are intrinsically connected by a shared philosophy and value proposition. This common ground centres on their commitment to delivering high-quality, transformative education to students from all walks of life, nurturing a culturally diverse and internationally minded community. This highlights the transformative capacity of international education and provides a clear vision of its crucial role in shaping future global leaders.

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