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Food Court

Sierra Leone’s deliciously-spicy cuisine is an untapped food haven waiting to be discovered. From their Groundnut Stew to the traditional ‘Fufu’ made with fermented cassava, dishes are prepared in various methods to bring out the best flavours and aroma.

A typical meal is usually served with rice alongside their meaty stews flavoured with groundnuts, cushioned by leafy greens; their staple food cassava is used in breads and a unique selection of flavourful stews.

The wild, long-stretched beaches along its coastline offers a variety fresh seafood including lobster, shrimps and oysters cooked with seasonings and greens.

The food culture in Sierra Leone is deeply engrossed in its local communities. In every street, beach or village, you will come across mouth-watering original and creative variations of local delicacies made from simple, traditional ingredients.

In the capital, Freetown, local restaurants serve up great dishes at reasonable prices. Their menu is usually dominated by seafood, however for those who are looking for something more diverse, there is also a range of other local and international options including American, European, Mexican, Middle Eastern and traditional African food.

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