Living Expenses @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

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Living Expenses

Below is a rough guide of a student's average monthly living expenses for reference. The figures given are estimates (in SLL) and may be subject to inflation. Several international banking institutions have bases in Sierra Leone. International students looking to facilitate their banking needs don't have to look further than Standard Chartered and First International Bank.

Type of expenses Expenses (SLL)
master room - middle room - small room
2,000,000 SLL to 4,000,000 SLL
Food (per meal)
African Food
Fast Food
1,500,000 SLL to 2,000,000 SLL
Per trip 7-10km
120,000 SLL
Entertainment Average
100,000 SLL
Total 3,720,000 SLL to 6,220,000 SLL
*There is no infrastructure in the city, so to use the microwave, internet or 3G is very expensive and very slow.
*Entertainment: Clubs are everywhere and it is the most common form of entertainment.
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