Limkowing Freetown Campus @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Limkokwing Sierra Leone

The future and success of a country is shaped and defined by people who think out of the box—people who have the passion and drive to innovate, push boundaries and break barriers in whatever they do.

Limkokwing Sierra Leone commits to empowering the world’s next generation by encouraging creativity and innovation in all forms and functions. Because here, we believe that an empowered youth is the key to the transformation of communities all over the world.

Freetown Campus

The Limkokwing campus in Freetown is home to over 1,000 students. Strategically located in the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone, the campus serves as a breeding ground for young and creative Sierra Leoneans to pursue their careers and passion in different fields.

The university runs an extensive range of diploma and degree programmes through six faculties—Design Innovation, Multimedia Creativity, Communication, Media & Broadcasting, Information & Communication Technology, Business Management & Globalisation and Architecture & Built Environment.

These programmes are accredited by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) and the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities (ASIC).

The campus itself is everything a student needs. It has facilities made and tailored especially for the students such as library, classrooms, hall, discussion room, and computer laboratory.

Stimulating creativity through holistic, unconventional learning

“The driving force of change is knowledge and education. Without education, there is no innovation. Without education, there is no transformation.”

- Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, Limkokwing Founder and President

In Limkokwing, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our students are given every opportunity to get the best qualifications through industry-focused training and activities that will hone their talents and enable them to reach their fullest potentials.

Limkokwing Sierra Leone endeavours to design an environment that gives students the space to explore and experiment with their creative ideas, eventually turning them into drivers of global change and transformation.

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