A private chef shares his passion @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

A private chef shares his passion

1 November 2020

  • A private chef shares his passion
  • A private chef shares his passion

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate the restaurant industry, the demand for private chefs is growing because consumers opt to eat curated meals at home.

At the helm of L’nop (Private Chef and Catering) is Chef HK who started his passion cooking for friends and family. Over time, his delicious delicacies earned him top clientele who revere him for his culinary skills.

Whether he is cooking for royalty, corporate bigwigs or making a casual dinner, Karimi’s French inspired cooking - infused with his love for Indian, Persian and Thai cuisine, ensures premium standard menus of exquisite and stunningly presented meals.

Chef HK took time out of his busy day to shares his passion for culinary, inspiration and future plans:

“One of the very rare true pleasures in life, yet the very fact for survival is food. To me food is much more than just to fill up as body fuel, in-fact it has many qualities to it, romance, culture, bonding with love ones and more. I wanted to be the reason for making people feel loved and joy in that way by making delectable meals. To become or to be a great chef is to see things and pursue them in a different way and the most important quality is to have great taste. 

In having great taste one can see colours and feel their warmth, judge what looks good and what doesn’t, identify great designers, a hopeless romantic, a traveller, a person who enjoys life or a person who appreciates the finer things in life: a chef has to be all the above and more to be able to deliver that joy to the person who gets to ride this journey.

The recipe is in the name

I refer to myself as L’nop for a reason, it means Like No Other Place, as well as Like No Other Person, and it has become a fundamental part of my concept, the very thing that makes me wake up and live to create an unforgettable experience for someone. 

Living up to its name, the food has to speak to one’s soul and for that to happen you need to go far and beyond, you must think this is the last dish you be serving in your life and this is what history will remember you by. 

While cooking is a necessity, it could be one of the true pleasures known to mankind regardless of their mentality, race, age and religion. 
At L’nop we have to think like no other place, we go above and beyond to source the best most exclusive ingredients despite the price, for example using real Saffron instead of yellow colouring powder.

Catering for royalty

I was very lucky and grateful for my talent to be recognised by Tuanku Sultanah Kalsom of Pahang, whom I started cooking for as a friend. When she discovered my talent and engaged me in prestigious dinners for guests such as the King and Queen of Brunei, King of Selangor, The Prime Minister and the first lady as well as many celebrities and VIPs in Malaysia and the region - from then hence forth I started to demand perfection to the ultimate level and that was the key to my success in what I do. To conquer cooking, one must conquer with love and with whatever else you got. 

Road to success

My goal is to be the first of my nation to win a 3 Michelin stars! Until that day comes, I won’t put my knife down. I intend to master cuisines from around the world and to be able to provide a menu of my best dishes.

Stay Awesome.

No Other Place, Private Chef & Catering KL
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