Foundation in Design @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Foundation in Design

FOUNDATION & LANGUAGE STUDIES (FLS) (R2/010/3/0264)(09/24)(A-3488)

  • Pencil Colouring
  • Abstract Painting
  • Human Potrait

The Foundation in Design is a one-year programme which provides the essential preparation for entry into our Degree programmes in Art, Design and Multimedia. The programme focuses on building creative thinking, research and drawing skills. Students learn how to visualise ideas using different media and develop practical skills in two and three dimensions, exploring issues of space, structure, surface, texture and colour. They experience and experiment across all areas of art and design, and later concentrate on their chosen field.

This programme aims to instill:

  • The elements and principles of design

  • The skills and techniques of drawing

  • Creative thinking and problem solving techniques

  • The ability to carry out primary and secondary research

  • The ability to communicate ideas visually and orally

Students of the foundation programme will enter a stream related to their studies as they proceed to their degree programme. They won’t have to study subjects unrelated to their planned career line. Key focus for all foundation programmes is to develop ICT and creative skills.

The foundation programme relies on intensive English training that is applied through communication modules. Native English speakers can spend more time on professional writing, reporting, creative writing, etc.

Students who have completed a recognised STPM/ Yr12 / A Levels, or equivalent higher certificate, or diploma programme with the required subjects and credits, may be exempted from the foundation programme upon review of their past results or portfolio (where applicable).

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Semester 1 Semester 2
Communication Studies 2-Dimensional Design
Creative Studies 1 Figure Drawing
Design Fundamentals Creative Technologies
Drawing Fundamentals Eastern Art
Analytical Drawing Colour Studies
Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B* Malaysian Studies*
Semester 3
Communication Studies 2
Advanced Colour Studies
Digital Photography
History of Art
Moral Studies/Islamic Studies*
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