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UK Short-term Study Visa

Most nationals from countries outside the European Union/European Economic Area need a visa to enter the United Kingdom for study purposes. It is very important to check the immigration requirements early since it takes around two months for the visa to be issued.

If you are planning to travel to another country in the European Union other than the UK, you must apply for tourist or a Schengen visa separately before leaving Malaysia. Note that you cannot apply for this once you have arrived in the UK on a study visa.

Check here if you need a UK visa.

Steps in Applying


* Apply Online Link
* Visa Application Centre Link

Document Requirements

  1. Original financial statements under student name in Malaysia

    • Original Current Account – latest past 3 months transaction statement, or
    • Original Savings Account – latest past 3 months transaction statement
    • Show proof on where the money comes from eg. bank deposit slip, tt slip, Western Union money collection slip etc
  2. Source of funds

    • Sponsor’s original bank statement for the last 6 months
    • Sponsor’s source of income
      • If under employment, letter from employer confirming the position and monthly salary - original
      • If under own business, documents showing the ownership of the company and also the financial documents of the company - original
  3. Signed original letter of consent / undertaking by parent(s)

    • The content is to state that the parents agree for the student to travel to UK and will bear all the expenses during the stay of the student in UK
  4. Proof of relationship

    • Birth certificate - original or certified true copy
    • Sponsor’s passport biodata page – certified true copy
  5. Original Academic transcript

    • Original academic transcripts from the 1st semester to the latest
    • Original High School results eg. O-Levels, A-Levels, Foundation etc
    • Original English course result, if there is any
  6. Original passport

    • Current & previous passport
    • International students must have a valid Malaysian student visa
  7. One recent passport sized photograph with a white background

    • Take not more than 6 months prior to submission of application
  8. Completed visa application form

  9. UK Student Visitor Visa application charges

    • RM382 in bank draft payable to “VFS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd”
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