Inaugural semester of Limkokwing University’s Mandarin course is a resounding success!

12 August 2014

Inaugural semester of Limkokwing University’s Mandarin course is a resounding success!

Many ‘students’ of all ages, from both the academics and professionals background responded to the news of Limkokwing London Campus’ Mandarin language course offering and registered to attend the inaugural session delivered by Ms. Haitong Wang.

With over fifteen years of experience in teaching and training Chinese language and culture in the UK for leading universities, commercial organisations and the Government, Ms. Wang has a solid understanding of both Chinese and Western cultures and is richly experienced in organising Chinese training programmes for companies and organisations. As one of the founders of the Business Chinese Course MBA programme at the London Business School, she has taught at the SOAS, University of London, since 1997.

Ms. Wang previously worked at the British Embassy in China where she successfully set up, managed, planned and developed the Chinese training programme for British diplomats. Before that she was a lecturer at the Diplomatic Language Training Service for FCO in London. Her clients include Chinese experts for the Economist, Morgan Stanley and UKTI. Most of her students from LBS now work all over the world for international banks and firms that do business with China.

The appreciative students in the inaugural semester are full of praise and compliment of ‘another new star programme from Limkokwing University’. Ms. Michelle Lewis-King, PhD student in Digital Humanities at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, says:

“I highly recommend Ms. Haitong Wang’s Beginner Mandarin classes at Limkokwing University. Ms. Wang teaches Mandarin in a fun and accessible style and at a moderate pace. There are plenty of opportunities to practice Mandarin in class and Ms. Wang’s warm personality makes what could feel awkward (learning to speak Mandarin in front of others) feel comfortable and enjoyable. The classrooms at Limkokwing are historic and spacious and contribute a great ambiance to the class experience. The price was very reasonable, especially given the location and simple fact that Ms. Wang is a highly accomplished Mandarin teacher - I learned so much in a short time - yet it felt easy. Can’t wait for the next set of classes!”

These comments, which echoes our observation, reflects many of the student’s feelings about their course. Many are eager to offer grateful comments in our seeking for feedback upon which to base any potential improvements. Another student, Mr. Nicolas Fudge agrees, saying:

“I highly recommend Ms Haitong Wang’s Beginner Mandarin classes at Limkokwing University and they are excellent value for money. Ms Wang’s professional and friendly manner is simply a delight as she creates a very relaxed classroom atmosphere conducive to learning and the pace of the classes was just right. Her teaching methods are inclusive and participatory which encourages student engagement and increases confidence in speaking Mandarin. The classrooms at Limkokwing are uniquely historical and the rooms are beautifully decorated are large and bright. I am already looking forward to taking Ms Wang’s next set of classes.”

Ms. Rebecca Schmidt for instance comments: “I was very happy with the Mandarin class for beginners at Limkokwing University. The teacher is fantastic, helping you with the pronunciation of pinyin, understanding of characters and in the end of the course you will be able to have simple conversations in Chinese. Very Good class materials and good learning atmosphere! I enjoyed the course all the way through!”

The forthcoming new Beginner’s Course is due to commence on 1st September and run until 2nd October, when classes will be held between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm each Monday and Thursday evening. This course will be retained at the 2014 starter price, which will be at a mere £99.00 (full total cost). It has to be said that such a quality course is a steal at £99 for the full 10 sessions. If you want to take advantage of the next course then we suggest you get cracking as Limkokwing is offering this price only during the 2014 introductory period.

The current extremely low fees are in respect of the opening offer for the courses, and in line with current university rates this will rise to be on par with standard prices (for high-quality Mandarin Language courses between £300-500) after the upcoming second semester in autumn.

Limkokwing University is also offering a linked Intermediate course (which all the last session’s students are eager to taste) which starts on the 3rd November and runs for the month until 4th December for which the price is also retained at a very reasonable introductory level of £149.00. These introductory 2014 prices will rise in the coming year to take account of overall increases, which means it is best sense to avoid postponing the opportunity to speak mandarin in the shortest time with Ms. Haitong Wang’s expertise.

More entertainment than effort, Ms. Wang’s classes develop facility and fluency in a smooth and relaxed, easy manner, learning without the usual dull and repetitive struggle to memories. With a precisely determined sequence of stages engineered to be seamless and seem naturally conversational, the benefits of Ms. Wang’s years of teaching and writing are discovered and enjoyed immediately in the very first session. After that first experience it’s usual to become swiftly addicted for the classes which can be treated as a perfect occasion for enjoying a social early evening before dinner.

Meeting a new and very nicely assorted group of new acquaintances and experiencing the highly amusing and entertaining - totally interactive - game-like exercise of your mandarin tongue, we promise, is an experience like no other.

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