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24 June 2016

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  • Know Malaysia
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Limkokwing University Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Communications with Psychology student Reenosha Krishnasamy is proud to have the opportunity to share Malaysia’s unique culture with students from over 150 countries.

Malaysia is located in South East Asia, between Thailand to the north and Singapore and Indonesia to the south. The country is a melting pot of cultures, with three major races; Malay, Indians, Chinese and indigenous ethnicities which contribute to the nation‘s prosperity and cultural richness.

Ethnic Malays comprise some 60% of the population. Chinese constitute around 26%; Indians 7.1% and indigenous people make up the rest. The communities coexist in relative harmony.

The country is among the world’s biggest producers of computer disk drives, palm oil, rubber and timber. It has a state-controlled car maker, Proton. Malaysia is reputed as one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations with modern private healthcare facilities and highly efficient medical professionals.

“I feel very humbled and blessed to be able to share my culture with students from around the world. The annual Limkokwing cultural festival provides the platform for students to learn about other cultures and I’m glad to be part of it,” said Reenosha.

“There are a lot of places to explore in Malaysia, and it is always a pleasure to explain my culture to people who are keen in learning about it. I would say it’s one of the most lovable places on earth and I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else.”

While Peninsular Malaysia boasts bustling cities, majestic architecture, tea plantations and exotic islands, there is Malaysia-Borneo(Sabah & Sarawak); a haven of natural bio-diversity, wild jungles of orangutans, granite peaks and remote tribes.

Sabah and Sarawak have a huge amount to offer; Sabah, in particular, has the country‘s best diving (Sipadan, Layang Layang), highest mountain (Mt Kinabalu), and natural highlights (Orangutan rehabilitation centre and Kinabatangan Rainforest).

Due to its multi-ethnic environment, Malaysia hosts festivals from all religions and cultures, such as the holy month of Ramadan, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and Hari Raya Haji for the Muslim Malays; Thaipusam, Wesak Day and Deepavali for the Indians; the Hungry Ghost Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year for the Chinese community and Christmas for the Christians.

The diversity of world music is celebrated at the Rainforest World Music Festival while art, photography, local craft exhibitions are held in major Malaysian cities such as the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival or the George Town Festival.

Food unites Malaysia’s varied ethnicities, religions and landscapes together. Malaysia’s culinary style is primarily a combination of traditions from its Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and ethnic Bornean citizens, with heavy to light influences from Thai, Portuguese, Dutch, and British cuisines. This results in a symphony of flavours, making Malaysian cuisine highly diverse.

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