Cephyan Exhibition by Limkokwing’s Multimedia Creativity Students @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Cephyan Exhibition by Limkokwing’s Multimedia Creativity Students

15 July 2013, by Dhashene Letchumanan

The Cephyan Exhibition was more than a multimedia showcase. It was a celebration of multimedia creativity by a group of talented students known as Cephyans.

The exhibition featured the works of over 60 graduating students from Limkokwing University’s Faculty of Multimedia Creativity under the programmes of Bachelor of Arts in Creative Multimedia, Bachelor of Arts in Animation and Diploma in Interactive & Multimedia Design.

Students preparing for the exhibition.

Programme Leader for Faculty of Multimedia Creativity, Marvy Rey Sotto said, “This batch of students are winners. The students are very humble, polite and willing to learn more about the industry. The students were very proactive in participating at events outside. The students realized that creative multimedia and animation is a never ending learning process, so they are always hungry for new skills and ideas.”

“This particular group of students have always defined what they do. Besides the exposure and the interactions with University people, this moment is a chance for students to sell themselves with their best portfolio and their final project for the industry guests. Being a Limkokwing student, it’s about your character and not only skills, and I believe the students here have the upper hand in this,” added Marvy.

“I’m really proud of my team and how this exhibition has turned out. We started with lots of brainstorming and we wanted to do a different concept from the black theme. Cephyan means creative thinking. The word encephalon is the Greek translation for cerebrum. From there, we created cephyan. For us Cephyan sounds like a country, like a culture. So we are the cephyans from the republic of creative thinker,” told Shahla Sayeed, who was the exhibition leader and a student in Bachelor of Arts in Creative Multimedia from India.


Cephyan Exhibition launch.

“This is the first time I managed an event and my team helped me a lot as we met lots of obstacles. But obstacles made us more responsible. Limkokwing University is such a diverse place, people come from all around the corners of the world. Limkokwing University thought me to be fearless, tough and adaptable,” said Shahla.

The students displayed their creative works such as short films, music videos, visual effects, 2D animations, games and more at the Limkokwing Branding Gallery.

Industry visitor, Raymond Seah from animation company Silver Ant mentioned that, “The organizer has done a good job. Well, the standard of this group of Limkokwing’s multimedia students are above average compared to the previous year. My advice would be that the students has to constantly put in effort to master the foundation skills to move further because the market is now very challenging as animators are in demand around the world. Definitely, this industry is growing and I can see that Limkokwing University has its students prepared for the work force.”


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