The New Wave of Content Creators @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

The New Wave of Content Creators

9 May 2024

  • The New Wave of Content Creators
  • The New Wave of Content Creators
  • The New Wave of Content Creators
  • The New Wave of Content Creators
  • The New Wave of Content Creators

Limkokwing University's Plaza was ablaze with excitement and energy on 8 May as students eagerly immersed themselves in the exhilarating atmosphere of the Creativity Series Talk and Pinkfish Music Festival Campus Tour. The dual events transformed the plaza into a dynamic hub of creativity and musical fervour.

Hosted by radio personality Arnold Loh from Hitz FM, the event blended innovation, music, and creative inspiration. As Arnold took the stage, his charismatic presence instantly captivated the audience. He welcomed everyone and kicked off the event by introducing the speaker for the Limkokwing Creativity Series talk, John Beh, the founder and CEO of Looktall Creative. John’s talk, titled “What’s Next in the Content Creators’ Economy,” delved into the ever-evolving world of content creation and the challenges creators face today.

The talk served as a platform for students to explore the dynamic world of content creation.  John wasted no time addressing the rapid industry changes, stating, “I think right now the trend has been changing on a day-to-day basis.” He acknowledged content creators’ struggles in finding their niche and sustaining their careers financially. He emphasises the importance of adaptation and innovation, highlighting that constant innovation is necessary in the fast-paced content creation industry.

John highlighted collaborations and community engagement’s importance, stating, “Collaboration is always important when it comes to a community where you need friends or people to share thoughts, ideas and work together.” He advised aspiring content creators, saying, “Be consistent and disciplined to yourself and be adventurous. Dare to try out new things, don’t sit behind a trend, set the tone of the trend.”

Arnold, no stranger to media, offered advice to aspiring creators: “It’s a constantly growing and changing industry, so you have to be willing to learn, accept change and deal with it,” he cautioned from his radio experiences.

The event also promoted the Pinkfish Music Festival on 8 June 2024 at Sunway Lagoon. Arnold’s infectious energy had the crowd buzzing as he dropped names like Armin Van Buuren, Dolla, Miss Monique and more, eliciting roars from the music-loving students. The energy levels reached a fever pitch when DJ Nahsyk, one of the performers slated for the upcoming Pinkfish Music Festival, took the stage. He had the crowd moving from the first thumping bass line. Students danced and cheered as Nahsyk seamlessly blended genres, showcasing his incredible turntable skills. With drops and remixes galore, he provided an electrifying preview of the musical festivities to come at Pinkfish. Nahsyk’s infectious energy and masterful music selection left the audience craving more, amping up the palpable excitement for the highly-anticipated festival.

As the event drew to a close, students departed with a renewed sense of inspiration and a deeper understanding of content creation. Arnold’s parting words resonated deeply: “Be consistent, disciplined, and explore new horizons. Don’t just follow trends - set them.”

The festival and talk were not just sources of entertainment but also powerful educational tools, offering Limkokwing students a wealth of exposure to industry practices and the chance to connect with professionals. As the event concluded, the energy remained high. Limkokwing’s Creativity Talk and Pink Fish Campus Tour sparked creativity, providing invaluable enlightenment into content creation and the music industry.

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