Shariq Masood Khan: A name to remember in the game @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Shariq Masood Khan: A name to remember in the game

22 July 2022

  • Shariq Masood Khan: A name to remember in the game
    Shariq Masood Khan (Second from left)
  • Shariq Masood Khan: A name to remember in the game

Grand Theft Auto gives us an open-world experience with ultimate control like no other. Minecraft is a sandbox video game (based on creativity to complete tasks) that allows you to build anything from simple homes to castles. Another great video game taking the world by storm is Fortnite, a multiplayer adventure where you can engage and battle with other users.

The game engine technology industry has become increasingly advanced. However, for alumnus Shariq Masood Khan, his interest in this field started before its evolution – it began at the age of 6.

The multiethnic Filipino/Pakistani was always passionate about playing games. Shariq is a Foundation in Information Technology and Bachelor of Science (Hons) Games Technology graduate.

His experiences started within the 3D world as a Lighting Artist, and moved towards initiating his own company called VICP Club. The company covers Game Development, Cinematics, Branding, App Development, Architecture, Game Development Education and more.

He co-founded his company with partner and fellow Limkokwing University alumnus, Mohammad Ishaq Patni. As time went by, Shariq moved on towards being a Project Management and Game Designer for both apps and games.

Today, he is a Game Producer at FRVR in Portugal. FRVR is a Game Publishing company that helps turn indie studios into international juggernauts.

“They aren’t our clients, they are a team and a family who work with us in order to create epic games for players all over the globe. I, myself am a Game Producer at this company,” Shariq shares.

VICP Club was founded in Karachi, Pakistan. It’s the go-to avenue for talented individuals who wish to work and earn. “VICP Club has a vision of growing into an empire where the owners don’t get rich off other people’s talent and hard work, instead we would prefer to see them get richer than us while being in the same organisation,” he adds.

Shariq days that he owes his success to “the degree, the teachers and friends helped me not only in my field but in the way of life. They taught me how to treat people, how to educate them towards the right choices and helped me find my career path.”

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