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Highest Paying Jobs in the Design Industry

11 January 2023

Highest Paying Jobs in the Design Industry

Have you ever considered how Apple has crafted a polished end-to-end experience that exudes quality and desirability? Their design model invites physical stores that respect local sensibilities, slick packaging and seamless interoperability between its devices that delight a broad demographic of users.

We often hear of businesses whose enormous success can be attributed to their excellent design. By putting their customers first and providing experiences that challenge conventional methods, these design-driven businesses are fundamentally redefining the entirety of industries.

When companies can quantify the impact of good design, they want to invest more money into design. Organisations today that are driven by design often use a portion of their revenue to hire more designers, expand their digital product teams, and increase the influence that designers have within their company.

Design is the subject that opens career doors – from engineering to fashion and product design – because makers, inventors and problem solvers all need foundations to set them on their way. Here are 3 of the highest paying jobs in the design industry:

Product designer

In the past ten years, the product design industry has driven transformation and changes, from the emergence of design systems to the decline of celebrity designers. Whether it is designing state-of-the-art audio equipment or developing complex medical diagnostic systems, the field of product design spans over numerous industries, including healthcare, lifestyle, interior design, automotive, and many more.

Product designers need to consider human factors, usability, aesthetics, manufacturing technologies, materials and environmental sustainability in their designs, and this comprehensive, practical degree will have you doing just that. You’ll learn to manage commercial projects professionally, allowing companies to be more effective, competitive and relevant in the world today. A product designer typically earns between $90,000 to $112,000 per year.

UI/UX designer

Both in the business sector and the IT world, the phrases UX and UI are now commonly used interchangeably. The majority of the applications that have us addicted, like Instagram for instance, are simply the result of excellent user experience design. We can peruse for hours without becoming bored since Instagram has a simple design without distracting visuals.

Finding out what makes people tick and creating experiences based on this to change their behaviour are at the core of user experience design. While once an elusive term, UX design is now a widely understood and highly-valued skill set. As the tech industry continues to grow, so too does the need for UX designers. An entry-level position can start at $80,000 to $100,000, and salary increases as you gain experience.

Animation Designer

The size of the worldwide animation market climbed to over 372 billion dollars in 2021, up 5% from the previous year. This number was predicted to increase steadily across various media for the next nine years, increasing by roughly 60%. Between 2021 and 2028, the global market for 3D animation software was expected to quadruple in size, hitting 39 billion dollars before the decade ends.

What does this mean? It’s time to consider a career in this field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 71,600 current jobs exist for multimedia artists and animators, and the industry is projected to add about 3,000 new openings from 2018-2028. The salary range of an Animation Designer typically falls between $52,380 and $73,080.

Limkokwing University offers programmes that can land you a job in one of these roles. You can explore our Bachelor of Design (Hons) Professional Design (Visual Communication), Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Multimedia, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Industrial Design, Diploma in Graphic Design Technology, Diploma in Animation & Multimedia Design, or Foundation in Design.


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